Topic: OnePlus 6T: Release date announced for super-charged.

OnePlus has branded itself as the 'Flagship Killer' since first launching the OnePlus One in 2014 due to its high-end specs, however it is yet to achieve mainstream success.

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OnePlus 5 review | Trusted Reviews OnePlus 5 – Design. The OnePlus 5 is a really good-looking phone, but it’s not the most original. The back reminds me of an slightly curvier matte-black iPhone 7 Plus, right down to the camera.

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The OnePlus 6T has an official launch date: Oct. 30 The OnePlus 6T is said to have an in-display fingerprint sensor. It wouldn't be the first consumer smartphone to have such a feature — phones from Oppo and Vivo already include it — but the 6T.

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Has anyone Dated. - OnePlus Forums monkeyboy, Aug 9, 2014: Hey All Just wondering if any of you guys/girls have been on a date with some one who you've met on OnePlus One forum? Just wondering as this apparently have been done on 9GAG.

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OnePlus 6 review, one month in: Still a flagship killer? OnePlus has never shied away from taking on the giants of the mobile industry dating all the way back to the original OnePlus One device, which offered killer hardware and specs at a fraction of.

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OnePlus - Wikipedia The OnePlus One had several minor hardware issues at launch, which reportedly was corrected in later batches of the phone. OnePlus 2. The OnePlus 2 was the successor to the company's highly successful first phone. It was unveiled a little over a year after the One, on 27 July 2015. It was highly promoted as '2016 Flagship killer'.

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OnePlus makes change to launch date for OnePlus 6T - and. OnePlus makes dramatic change to launch date for OnePlus 6T - and Apple is to blame. The smartphone company was meant to launch the OnePlus 6T on October 30 at an event in New York

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